This video embed presents Play-Doh Clay Buddies Disney Princess Ariel the Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled and Snow White. Comes with 18 dough bars, and a storybook where the kids will mold shape the Princesses. Also called: Livre d'activités, Libro de actividades, Aktivität Buch, Spielzeugärztin, Libro di attività. Here's how playdoh is also called; plastilina, pasta de modelar, Arcilla, juegos de moldear, juegos de modelar, Softee-Dough, Moon-Dough, Clay, Plasticine, Pâte à modeler, Modelliermasse, Plastilin, Plastiline, Plasticina, πλαστελίνη, пластилин, лепка из глины, 플라, 점토, プラスティシーン, 粘土, Crayola. Here's how Toys are called in other languages: juegos, juguetes, giocattoli, spielwaren, brinquedos, carrinhos, spielsachen, leker, spielzeug, jouets, speelgoed, 玩具,leksaker, खिलौने, игрушки, đồ chơi, oyuncaklar, zabawki, bréagáin, Παιχνίδια, トイズ, 장난감, ġugarelli, hračky, іграшки. Here's how to say Princess in other languages: printzesa, 公主, prinses, prenses, printsess, princesse, Prinzessin, puteri, công chúa, banphrionsa, Principesse, principessa, プリンセス, princesa, princese, puteri, prinsessa, prinsesse, tywysoges, Prinzessinen, 공주, Princesas Disney, Princesses, Disney πριγκίπισσες, Vorstin, Дисней принцесс, 디즈니 공주, ディズニーのお姫様, koningsdochter, Fürstin, πριγκίπισσα, księżniczka, królewna, принцесса.


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