This video embed content video about nail tutorial shows 5 nail designs using only a toothpick! All you need for these cute nail designs is a toothpick and nail polishes. Nail Art cannot get any easier and cuter than that. After watching this easy nail art tutorial, you'll be able to achieve 5 cute nail designs. I love making quick, simple, easy, cool and cute nail art designs and that's what this nail tutorial is all about! So set your nails, pick a toothpick and follow the nails tutorial to achieve cool nais! It doesn't matter if you have short nails or long nails - I have short nails, but you can apply this nail tutorial and nail designs to long nails too. All 5 nail art designs are really easy and simple, perfect for beginners in nail art. We are making 5 nail art designs step by step: First we're making the pink camouflage nails. All you need is to draw fluffy clouds all over the nails using different shades of pink polish. I think the original olive green camouflage design is so cool although the pink color makes it more girly, cute and sweet. I love making and wearing the daisy flower nail art design. I think it looks so cute and girly. It could make a lovely accent for just your ring finger or you can rock the nail design on all of your nails. Daisy nails are so easy to make, making it a perfect nail art for beginners. One of my favorite nail designs out of these five are definitely the Mickey Mouse nails. I think it looks absolutely adorable! With only three dots you DIY lovely Mickey heads all over the nail. Another easy nail designs for beginners! A fun take on the French manicure design is perfect nail design for those who just like a cute little detail on the nails. This nail design is perfect for school or work because it is delicate and subtle. It also looks absolutely fabulous paired with other nail designs like Mickey Mouse nails or Daisies nails. I love sweets and that's why the fifth nail design is perfect for me: Cotton candy nails. All you need is a darker polish shade for the base and some pastel ones for the cotton candy. You need to draw pastel fluffy clouds, add a stick and you're done! Easy and cute nails are my favorite. These nail designs don't take much time to create and they will spice up your overall look. Hope you'll try some of these nail art ideas out!


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