Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao Full Fight results. Wow, floyd mayweather vs manny pacquiao full fight ruled. Mayweather defeats Pacquiao. So, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Full Fight results. Mayweather defeats Pacquiao! Wow! Floyd mayweather vs manny pacquiao fight highlights were great! This is NOT the actual event or video! Round 12 Mayweather threw lefts and jabs, avoiding Pacquiao's efforts to come forward, backing and sliding away, even laughing at times. A good Pacquiao left to the body likely wasn't enough. Mayweather holds up his right glove in the final seconds. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather wins fight (unofficially), 115-113 9:44 P.M. Round 11 Pacquiao seeks action and forces it with a hard left to Mayweather's chest and a scoring left. Mayweather is backing away, might be thinking he has decision in bag. Mayweather and Pacquiao exchange rights. Pacquiao lands a right, taps his gloves together for Mayweather to bring it and Mayweather lands a jab and taps his gloves back. Pacquiao wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 105-104 9:40 P.M. Round 10 Mayweather lands a right. Pacquiao looks bruised under his left eye. A Mayweather right lands clean. Pacquiao looks frustrated in this round, like he can't dictate the action. Two good Mayweather jabs sting Pacquiao, who is slowed again. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 96-94 9:36 P.M. Round 9 The action slows a bit. They exchange lefts separated by several seconds. Pacquiao goes to the body, Mayweather holds again. Mayweather lands a big right to the face. Then, late, Mayweather does it again. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 86-85 9:33 P.M. Round 8 Mayweather tried to use his superior boxing skill to rule this round. He took one good right-left combination form Pacquiao, though, and Mayweather's jab wasn't enough to outscore Pacquiao's work. Even though Pacquiao missed some punches, he was working more. Pacquiao wins round, 10-9; Fight is even, 76-76 9:28 P.M. Round 7 Another narrow round. Mayweather did the better work early, letting his hands go as his dad has implored. He jabbed well. But Pacquiao rallied with a good left. And then adds another. Then he follows with a left jab. Pacquiao wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 67-66 9:24 P.M. Round 6 That was exactly what Pacquiao needs to do. He delivered an early combination, landed a hard left and subjected Mayweather to flurries to the body. Mayweather nods again that he's not hurt, but he lost that round. Pacquiao wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 58-56 9:19 P.M. Round 5 A classic Mayweather round -- just enough to win, with limited action. He missed an early right shot angled down at Pacquiao, but then made Pacquiao retreat, or slide away, with a hard right to the face. Mayweather held twice to burn off seconds. He was tentative, but Pacquiao couldn't find him. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 49-46 9:16 P.M. Round 4 After some even rounds, Pacquiao dominated this one. He backed up Mayweather with a big left and hammered him against the ropes with body shots. Mayweather tried to nod that it didn't hurt but he was not aggressive as he reeled. Two big short rights from creative angles punctuated the winning round for Pacquiao. Pacquiao wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 39-37 9:13 P.M. Round 3 Mayweather hit Pacquiao low with a right. Pacquiao tries a flurry. Mayweather misses a right, but then lands one to the face. Pacquiao holds and they exchange late. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 30-27. 9:08 P.M. Round 2 Mayweather clips Pacquiao in the head with a right. Pacquiao wants to increase pressure, charges in, punching on the way. Minimal damage is done. Mayweather lands a left to the body, Manny answers to head. Right by Mayweather sneaks in. Pacquiao left and Mayweather right. Pacquiao pressures again. Close round. Mayweather wins round, 10-9; Mayweather leads fight, 20-18. 9:04 P.M. Round 1 Incredibly, after all this time, lined up in opposing corners, the pair slowly come together. Mayweather darts in a right and lands some jabs. Pacquiao goes soft to the body with a left. Good right by Mayweather. More jabs peppered in. A good Mayweather left. Mayweather wins round, 10-9.


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