Although these days everyone is obsessed with zombies and aliens, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of the waves on our very own planet. In the pitch black depths of the ocean where the pressure can be dozens of times higher than at sea level you may very well find yourself running into one of these denizens of the deep. Allow us to introduce you to the 25 most terrifying sea creatures on Earth. Theres are lots of thins inside video - frilled, shark, vampire, moreover - squid, big, red, jellyfish, also giant, blobfish, coffinfish & isopod, animal animals wildlife sea marine discovery planet history life science technology tech learning education earth planet channel universe culture world nature national geographic hunt hunting kill killing versus vs. attack attacks shark lion tiger crocodile predator prey snake elephant whale lizard bear zebra africa lions sharks giant squid hyena hyenas vs wild fish marine sea creature strange weird bizarre Tags: unsolved mysteries documentary, weird true facts, strange myths and legends,


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